Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let's Commit to Stop Wasting Food at Weddings

With floods, plane crashes, bomb blasts affecting so many lives, it is time to ponder on our attitudes. Most of the people who died in these events were the sole bread earners of their families. While more than half the population is forced to live a meager living there are many who go on arranging lavish banquets on weddings. After all, it is a rat-race that they have to win. They must hold their heads high. They cannot invite a small group of people comprising of their loved and dear ones. The whole community has been looking forward to their wedding. How can they not be generous and have an extravagant wedding? Abundance of food signifies prosperity and wealth. The city’s high and mighty have been invited to the occasion. Serving a simple meal can bring them disgrace. The best caterers in the city are appointed. A comprehensive menu list is prepared, taking into account everyone’s choices. Countless dishes are cooked. There can’t be just one dessert, there are people who don’t eat ice creams and there are those who dislike fruit trifle. One has to consider everyone’s wishes. But hey! What about the poor people who are begging for a single morsel of food? Children who die because there isn’t food available to eat? Haven’t you come across the news that dead animal meat is being sold?

No, now don’t say that it is the government’s responsibility. It is not theirs, but everyone’s job to take care of those who are unable to fend for themselves. The food prices are already soaring making it insurmountable for the poor to feed their families properly. The recent floods have been devastating. Crops worth millions of rupees have been completely destroyed. A severe shortage is anticipated. We all know that if our government manages to import the staple food, the price will be too high. The rich and the resourceful will easily get their bags without standing in lines or paying heavy amount. It is the poor who suffer and continue to live in pain. Look around yourself at weddings. Have you noticed how much of the untouched food goes to waste? People pile up their plates as if they are eating the last meal of their lifetime. This food is later thrown in the trash. The next day tiny garbage collectors are found searching for food in the litter. Unsurprisingly, the animals too eat from the same junk. So is that it? Does being poor mean you can’t even have fresh and healthy meal? Think about it! If we all make a promise with ourselves that instead of inviting all the business tycoons and other well-known personalities to our weddings we can spend the same money on helping someone.

Pakistan is facing the worst times. We don’t want others to call us a failed nation. We must stand up and take action. We can only do something positive when we become conscious of our own attitudes. Let’s make a commitment to ourselves that instead of arranging lavish dinners we will give the same amount to those who have been displaced or lost their homes and whatever little wealth they possessed due to recent floods. It is not Allah’s wrath alone. We have forgotten our own duties and the teachings of the Prophet PBUH. As intelligent and mindful people, we must all review our actions and alter our courses accordingly. We don’t need foreign aid. We just need to modify our own perspectives and preferences. While there have been a lot of generous people who have donated ample amount of food, clothing, medicinal supplies, etc. we all know that it is not enough. It is a continuous process, and it should not only be done when hit by a calamity. In all our actions and doings, we should remember the ones who are less privileged. Stop living a random life, be someone who has a conscience that is still alive!

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  1. i feel the exact same way. the wedding occasions here arent just a waste of food. it's the waste of time energy and resources just for a few hours of showing off and appeasing big egos.