Saturday, August 21, 2010

Here I come again! With no sheer determination or passion for writing, I am being made to write. Wondering what I’m doing here then? Hmm....Good question, I have been trying to figure out the same. My friends must be blamed, because they think I can. In fact, now I think everyone can write. You just need to give it a try and there the journey begins. It doesn’t really take too long until it becomes a part of your daily activity. Shopping, eating, procrastinating; no matter what you’re doing there is always something popping in your mind that you wish to write on. Ideas are bullets! No, that’s not my line. This is what a friend says and I have stolen it from him.

I never really thought that I'll become a writer one day, but my ex-employer was somehow impressed by my communication skills. Hence, transferred the entire load of correspondence including his text messaging to me. Yeah, that's right text messaging too. As a reaction to this new job assignment I used to take out my anger on my supervisor. Do I see a raised eyebrow there? Hold on! Hold on! I am not someone who is showing tantrums every now and then it was just that I didn't feel it as part of my career. I could not comprehend why I must manage the correspondence of the entire......... (let's leave that blank, who knows one day my former employer might come and review this ;) ) Okay, now that I have grumbled about how my boss made me handle the writing job of each employee I guess I can proceed. The additional assignment brought me recognition. My colleagues used to value my writing skills and were always encouraging me to take it as a hobby.  They thought I could become a remarkable writer. Well, that's too much of a compliment, but I thought I should give it a try and this is exactly what I'm doing here. Giving it a try!

My current day job is about content writing. From 9a.m. till 5p.m. I am sitting in front of the computer and writing about subjects I have no clue about. Are you about to ask me how did I write when I didn't know what to write? The Internet my friends! The Internet is a heaven for anyone who wants to learn something. After being employed at this new job for two months I have written content on numerous topics. Science, Computers, Finance, Business Studies, Health and Wellness, Home-based Business, Online Money Making. You name it and I must have written something on it! A typical day at work is filled with mixed emotions which are actually quite amusing. After settling down at my desk, I mark my attendance and click on the 'task sheet' to check my projects for the day. The excitement is quite thrilling. A more apt to put it will be, I just can't wait to view what surprise I am about to experience. Dreadfully clicking on my name tab, I check out the assignments. I almost jump on my seat when there is a topic to write on that matches my interest. Before, you conclude I am an ambitious person .....wait......please read further. The smile disappears (no it doesn't turn into a frown). I am expressionless as soon as I notice the topic is something I know least about or have no interest in. For example, computers!!! Had I been at such good terms with computer I wouldn't have been running to my brother each time that it crashed on me. After losing all hopes of having a pleasant day at work, I quietly stare at the screen for several minutes. This continues until the time I get some motivation to write. With a weak heart and disappointed face I begin to write. I read the details, search the Internet and dig out information. The more I get to learn about the topic, the writing adopts a flow. My brain cells relax and I get on with the project.

The confidence keeps building with each word of encouragement that I receive. I'm just exploring how this roller coaster ride of writing is going to be. However. the best part about writing is that in order to write you must read. Reading builds up the database up there in your head. You become addicted to reading and feel so well-informed. Now as the journey to take this skill more seriously begins I wish good luck to myself and the readers who are going to read my stuff ;) !

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