Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Want to Go and Live in the Woods!

At times I feel like picking up my camera and escaping into the forest. Clicking some random shots here and there. Indeed that will be my way of appreciating beauty around me. Sitting beneath an oak tree among its strong roots. Inhaling the Sun and fragrance of the soil. Hearing birds chirping nearby, all kinds of birds. Jumping at each sight of a squirrel. Perhaps a trickling waterfall behind me. Taking in the calmness that surrounds. Getting away from the noises of a hustling bustling city. The chaos and the panic that has engulfed our lives.

This is the world,  I want to live in! Being closest to nature, sets me free. It's a strange feeling, I find myself completely at peace. I dream of not just a day trip in the forest, but disconnecting from the cosmopolitan for a month at least and savoring each moment that I spend in the woods. Setting up campfire, sitting among near ones, laughter, shared experiences, cooking our own food, cold weather and hot cup of flavored tea. Nothing like it!!! Yes, of course with near ones I can't imagine spending even a night alone in the woods :D

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